• List of Banking Jobs in the UAE

    List of Banking Jobs in the UAE

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    About Banks in the UAE

    The Central Bank of UAE is the primary regulator of the banking system in UAE. The central bank has the responsibility to formulate and implement the banking, credit and monetary policies across UAE. It maintains the gold and foreign currency reserves and acts as the bank of Banks operating in UAE. The central bank serves as the state’s financial agent.

    Commercial Banks in UAE are of two major categories

    1. Locally Incorporated Banks: These are public shareholding Companies licensed in accordance with provisions of Union Law (10) of 1980

    2. Branches of Foreign Banks: These banks have obtained Central Bank’s license to operate in the region as per the law

    There are 46 commercial locally incorporated Banks in UAE. The Banks in UAE are dominated by the local banks owned by the governments of various Emirates.

    Banks in UAE provide various financial services to the customers like private banking solutions, commercial banking, loans, credit cards, asset management, investment banking, Islamic Banking etc. Islamic Banking has expanded considerably in the region with 7 dedicated banks providing Islamic Banking products which are Shariah compliant and other banks have started providing Islamic Banking services.

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